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New Online Slot Games to Enjoy

Playing slot games never used to be much fun unless you won! You can’t really say that the games were all that exciting to play, the only excitement came when a winning combination came in. But this is not the case now, and all of the latest online slot games are heavily focussed on entertainment and keeping the player happy while they play.

These games are a lot more complex in their design, and they offer a whole lot more than the older more traditional slot games did. Now there is a lot more interaction with the game required, it’s no longer just about hitting the ‘spin reels’ button and hoping a winning combination would come in. They have a ton of different features that are exciting, and can give the player a lot more opportunity to hit winning combinations.

There has been an influx of slot games that have been based around very successful movie and television brands. Some examples of these games are The Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Tomb Raider and The Dark Knight Rises. All were very popular and successful movies, and all of them have become very popular online slot games too.

The quality of the new games is incredible; many of them are like games you would find on a Play Station or an Xbox. Some games are now in HD, so the graphics are so clear and sharp. The audio that accompanies them is also top grade now too. The reason why they have become so good is that computers and even mobile devices have become much more powerful, and are able to run bigger programs on them with ease.

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Life changing jackpots

It is not just the quality of the games that has an alluring effect on them. The size of the jackpots on some of these games is also another big factor why people want to play. When you can hit a jackpot that is well up into the multi-million range, then you can literally change your life in a second. Many people have become instant millionaires by hitting the top awards on some of these games, and there will be many more made each year too.

The good thing about the online slots is that you do not have to bet a large amount in order to win the top awards. If you go to a casino in somewhere like Las Vegas, then you will see the big progressive jackpot slot games, but many of them have a high minimum bet, so they are out of reach for many of the smaller players, who simply do not want to bet 25.00 or even 100.00 on one spin of the reels. But when you play online you can bet as little as 0.10 and still have a chance of winning the ‘big one’.

Movies Turned into Slot Games

Inspired by the biggest blockbusters to grace the silver screen, movie-themed slots will let you relive your favourite films again and again with each turn of the reels. But they’re not just available on the gaming floors of Vegas, as you can also enjoy them on your computer and mobile device whenever you want, wherever you go.

To match the same level of sophistication by upscale machines on local casinos, some of these are packed with authentic video clips, musical scores, and massive jackpots to boot. This article takes a look at three exciting options that promises lots of fun, thrill, and excitement to cinema fans and slot enthusiasts alike:

Jurassic Park

Spielberg probably never envisioned his sci-fi classic as a popular slots game, but here it is. Boasting the same spectacle of life-like animatronics and special effects, the Jurassic Park slots brings back the colossal dinosaurs that once shook the earth. As a 5-reel machine that uses the 243-payways style of gameplay, you’ll never have to worry about individual paylines.

Instead, all the possible combinations that run across the reels (from left to right) counts as a win, which gives you a total of 243 lines to play on. It also comes with a number of bonus features, such as the T-Rex Alert, free spins, and split and multiplier wilds, all to increase your chances of winning.

Dark Knight Rises

Building on the success of its predecessor, the Dark Knight Rises slot has pretty big shoes to fill. Thankfully, Microgaming did not pull any punches on this one. They combined exciting graphics and atmospheric soundtracks that stay true to the film’s overall theme, giving a certain amount of thrill and urgency to every spin.

The developers were also able to separate the game from their other 243-payline slots, thanks to a couple of random built-in features. First is the Batman and Bane face-off (triggered randomly by losing spins), which increases the number of potential spins or gives a win multiplier as one character lands a blow on the other.

The second bonus feature is known as the Symbol Scramble, which automatically rearranges the icons to maximize the possible winning combinations. We’ve heard that Captain Cooks Casino have some decent bonus offers if you’d like to try it.

Terminator 2

Microgaming has outdone themselves once again with the production of the Terminator 2 online slots. Inspired by one of the biggest action films of all time, this game is loaded with eye-popping visual effects and spine-tingling thrills with each spin of the reel. The video slot is centered on 5 reels and 243 ways to win, while the wager costs from 30p up to £30 per spin.

The game is also integrated with a bunch of nice in-game extras, like the T-800 Vision that scans targets to multiply your stakes by as much as 125 percent. And then there’s the Free Spins bonus that rewards you with 10 additional spins, and changes the reel set layout to give you 1,204 more ways to win. Of course, Arnie’s classic one-liners are not to be missed. Hasta la vista, baby!

If you ever get tired of run-of-the-mill slot machines where the reels are filled with the usual bars and stars, these movies turned into slot games offer an experience that’s familiar, exciting, and rewarding. Who knows, after you’re done relieving your favourite movie moments through movie-themed slots, you may find yourself walking into the sunset with a small fortune in your wallet.